90 minute $100

                 60 minute $70


Easily the most luxurious deep tissue massage you will ever have! Gravity is the secret to this technique, allowing the therapist to use foot pressure and body-weight to target problem areas with maximum efficiency. Trigger point therapy, myofascial release, passive joint movements, hot stones, hot towels and aromatherapy are included in this massage to effectively reduce pain, stretch and manipulate fascia, and encourage healing in overworked, over-stressed and injured muscle tissue.

If you choose Ashiatsu as your service, please be aware that full body massages are 90 minutes. A 60 min Ashiatsu service covers the upper body and hips or customized to focus on one area of the body


Sarga is the yin to Ashiatsu's yang. Deep, barefoot pressure is applied at a snails pace creating an experience that is deeply sedative to the nervous system. MyoRub is included to facilitate a releasing stretch of the fascia during the full body strokes. This massage is great for people with nervous system conditions, anxiety, or want to experience barefoot massage but don't want to be too stimulated.

90 min. only


If you love traditional Thai massage, you will love Ashiatsu’s version. Deep stretches, active and passive joint movements and PNF will have you feeling limber and pain free. This is an oil free massage that is a perfect stand-alone massage or can be added to the traditional Ashiatsu routine.

*Prices valid January 1, 2020 and subject to change