"I was blessed to get Brianna as my massage therapist when she was still in school, and now I drive 100 miles (round trip) every other week to see her! I have Anklyosing Spondylitis and as a result I suffer with chronic bone and muscle pain. Brianna has done an awesome job keeping me functional in my job as an R.N. She is extremely knowledgeable about anatomy, physiology, disease process, and wellness. She is wise in the application of her knowledge, kind and compassionate, and one of the most effective medical massage therapists I have ever gone to! Besides that she is kind, funny, and strong (like Mighty Mouse). I can't recommend her highly enough. Brianna is the best!" -Nancy Peck

"I absolutely love Bri and the job she does. She's a hundred percent about making you feel better. Her ashiatsu massage is beyond great. She is amazing! I've been getting massages for years at various places, they have been good but Bri's ashiatsu massage tops them all. I'm so glad I found her. I would recommend her to anyone!" -Becky Johnson

"I was skeptical to the extreme about ashiatsu massage, but I decided to give it a try because I was getting desperate for a massage. Let me tell you, this was the best massage I've ever gotten. Brianna was careful, considerate, and extremely thorough helping me through the pains in my hips, lower back, and neck. I instantly felt better afterwards and the tips she gave me for after-care were extremely helpful. I will recommend her to anyone who asks who I see for a massage but I think I'll only be going to her now!" -M.B.

"Went to get my first ashiatsu massage this weekend. This girl is amazing! I would recommend her to anyone!"  -Rachel Peters

"This was one of the best massages I've had! I was amazed at how well she could pinpoint the problem muscles with her feet. And no tears or pain! I'm definitely going to be a regular. This is MY massage therapist!!" -Nancy L

"My massage, from Bri, was the best I have ever received. I will need to include one on all my trips to CDA. It was my 1st experience with Ashiatsu Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage, and all I will say is Bri has some talented feet." -Dave Lonergan

"Oh my goodness, I had the best massage I think I've ever had. She is very good and completely works your body. Bri has un-endless strength and works out all the messes in your body. She is extremely knowledgeable about the body." -M.C.

"I am very picky on who I go to for massage. Bri is on the top of my list. Professional, relaxing, caring, accommodating, I could go on. Thank you for being my massage therapist." -Brandi Shein-Randles

"It's tough to find a good massage therapist that is affordable. Briana is an EXCELLENT massage therapist that is affordable. Her values and her business model are inspiring, her hands are eerily intuitive, and she is always a joy to interact with. She is a unicorn; one of a kind." -Rebekah Samuel

"Seriously. I never expected such a drastic change in my back going into my massage. But my back muscles are feeling like they actually flow with my back. I've not felt this good in a decade bri. Thank you!" -Dan C.

"I was a little uneasy going in for my first massage. Being pregnant, it's hard to get comfortable or feel comfortable doing much of anything! However, going in I was immediately put at ease. Bri was extremely professional and knew exactly how to place my body so that I would be more comfortable. She knew everything from the amount of pressure she could put on certain areas of my body, to what oils are safest for pregnant women. I left feeling completely relaxed and like I had been really well taken care of. I have, and definitely will continue to recommend Bri to all of my friends...pregnant or not." -Brynda Mortimer

"At the time Briana decided to become a massage therapist she was commissioned as an artist to draw every muscle group in the human body for a friend who owns a crossfit box. She has applied this knowledge towards her education to be a massage therapist. She knows the mechanics and the intricate workings of each muscle group and is very serious about the science behind making her client heal properly, feel better and eliminate pain. Each session comes with knowledge, concern and compassion for her client. Upon many occasions, Briana has come to my rescue relieving pain in my neck, hip/sciatica, and shoulder. Briana is a massage therapist that comes highly recommended." -Kim Murphy

" I recently underwent a C5-C6 fusion, and at times the pain has been unbearable. Briana has been able to get the muscles to loosen up allowing me to relax and alleviate the pain. She has been extremely helpful pre and post surgery and in my recovery. I cannot recommend her more highly." -Kevin Murphy

"My experience with Bri was incredible, she took the time to study how my body was aligned from a few different perspectives to understand what needed work. After the massage my sciatic nerve felt more relaxed almost instantly. I highly suggest Knotted Therapeutic Massage to anyone who is in pain and or in need of a highly skilled massage." -Brittany Couillard

"Briana is extremely knowledgable, and genuinely cares about your overall experience. I've been to her many times and have always left impressed. I would whole heartedly recommend her to anyone. Definitely a rising star in the world of therapeutic massage." -Brandon Mortimer